Trade Secrets vs. Engaging Content

I’ve got a question today – When you think of web content, where do you draw the line between trade secrets vs. knowledge that could entice clients to buy from you? Many B2B and B2C marketers (People to People in any relationship remember!) struggle with deciding “What can we say without our competitors gaining anContinue reading “Trade Secrets vs. Engaging Content”

Incentivised Content Sharing – What’s your take?

One of my favorite sites Design You Trust has implemented a nice little feature to encourage sharing and engagement on their site.  But I not sure how I feel about it “ethically”. I share their content anyway, but will I do that more now that I’ve seen this (I used to just follow them on RSS).Continue reading “Incentivised Content Sharing – What’s your take?”

I don’t have time for Social Media

“I’m a Manager. I don’t have time for Social Media” I too struggle some days as well to schedule tweets, check my streams and update my status. But in a large corporation, surely it’s a numbers game? If you can have all your associates, telling all their contacts and colleagues what the latest is fromContinue reading “I don’t have time for Social Media”

Natura Plant – Cinema Dedications For Loved Ones

I came across a fun campaign today run by Natura (Brazilian beauty and cosmetics company). To launch their new line of hair products ‘Plant’, Natura partnered with the site, an online cinema reservation site. At the time of purchasing the ticket, users were prompted as to if they were taking a female with them. theyContinue reading “Natura Plant – Cinema Dedications For Loved Ones”

Jarno Will Fly – Storytelling

So are you looking for your daily dose of inspiration? Jarno @jarnosmeets80 is building wings so that he can fly. He’s also doing a cracking job of documenting it across three platforms Twitter, Facebook and Youtube and in his blog. I’ve not asked Jarno if he’s up to it, but I think this is aContinue reading “Jarno Will Fly – Storytelling”

Always On – The New 9 to 12

Here’s a neat infographic from Socialcast detailing some US stats around who’s online, doing what, over the holidays. I’m reminded to once again re-evaluate that work-life balance as I know I am a culprit: checking my Blackberry during the evening, On Twitter / Facebook / Google+ while watching evening TV, checking-in on Foursquare at theContinue reading “Always On – The New 9 to 12”

Klout and Perks – For Europe?

Hearing of today’s buzz around social metrics and measure of influences at #iStrategy, I wonder if we will have some global perks appearing soon on Klout. Klout and Peerindex being the leading players in measuring online influence – their algorythims calculating how influencial your sharing and engagement on Twitter/ Facebook and a number of otherContinue reading “Klout and Perks – For Europe?”

Creative B2B Branding (no, really) Reviewed!

Providing a pick me up for those suffering the mid week (mid career) trough in ideas, Creative B2B Branding is a book for anyone in business, not just those in the marketing department. Scot’s take on branding is an overly minted Mojito. Refreshing and with some kick! My only dislike from the book being thatContinue reading “Creative B2B Branding (no, really) Reviewed!”

Facebook Social Graph for Business

After attending the PwC Social Media event last week I was left pondering about what could be done with the Facebook Social Graph.   If you’re like me and still uncertain about Facebook Connect logins on professional sites I’ve noted a few business (still B2C, or masses) uses here that Chris Porter (Facebook Business Manager)Continue reading “Facebook Social Graph for Business”