Images working overtime in Social Media – Thinglink

Every day I am more and more worried about our nature and habits as social media addicts. We’re becoming a species with ever decreasing attention spans. Blogs must have sub headings or we won’t read them, Tweets should never be the full 140. Images and videos seem the only way left to catch our eyeContinue reading “Images working overtime in Social Media – Thinglink”

Video is how we see the world – Harry Davies from Google at #iStrategy

Harry’s humorous panel session contined in this workshop focusing on Emotional videos. Video plays an essential part in our learning and news consumption. Thinking back to how we all huddled around the TV to see 911 unfold. We turn to video to understand the world around us. It’s the closest experience to real life. BrandsContinue reading “Video is how we see the world – Harry Davies from Google at #iStrategy”

Ask the Experts – Stephane Lee from Dimelo #iStrategy

Stephane introduced a Peugeot case study where they launched an ask the experts forum where prospects could ask employees about their up coming cars. Designers, engineers and real staff at Peugeot were there answering any questions potential clients had. They ran a microsite and also a Facebook tab that featured all the QandA. Barklays alsoContinue reading “Ask the Experts – Stephane Lee from Dimelo #iStrategy”

Microsoft – Building a global brand in the social space. #iStrategy

A Microsoft case study with @SimonHughes from Microsoft and @chadestes at Vitrue. Many organisations with the boom of Facebook “face” (sorry) the challenge of multiple “rogue” social media properties and trying together the brand and experience. And it’s difficult to run multiple campaigns in local areas and have analytics to compare and evaluate campaigns toContinue reading “Microsoft – Building a global brand in the social space. #iStrategy”

LinkedIn More Than Just A Resume – @NealSchaffer at #iStrategy

LinkedIn – “It’s where the business is”. A great opening tweet nugget from Neal as we hear about LinkedIn. To set the level – LinkedIn is the 12th most visited website in the world, loads of eyeballs and really a mainstream social media platform. Its also the 6th most visited website in NL. And forContinue reading “LinkedIn More Than Just A Resume – @NealSchaffer at #iStrategy”

Turning followers into profit – @brucedaisley at #iStrategy

Twitter having just cracked its 6th birthday Twitter is evolving and Bruce opens with, “it’s a discovery tool”. Like all of us Twitter is exploring Big Data, and implicit signals is their take. People on Twitter don’t follow things they are not interested in, so they’re exploring this with the discover tab. It’s also usedContinue reading “Turning followers into profit – @brucedaisley at #iStrategy”

Brian Solis on Frictionless Sharing opens #iStrategy

  Brian Solis kicks off a fantastic iStrategy London, just as I have a senior moment and forget to boot up. So here’s the summary of @Briansolis final notes. Brian reminds us that mobile is connecting the online and offline world at an exponential rate. Hey, Facebook brought Instagram for this very reason. Frictionless sharingContinue reading “Brian Solis on Frictionless Sharing opens #iStrategy”

Social Media – It’s All Russian to me

One of my many lessons I’ve learnt from summer trips to Russia is that simple branding and quality can be the most effective sales tools. Pictured above is a mobile Kvass stall. A bit like Marmite in terms of its likeability. Still, many swear by its ability to refresh on a warm summers evening afterContinue reading “Social Media – It’s All Russian to me”

How to Un-Optimise your website for bad clients

We’re always hearing that we should be optimising our site for sales. Fine tuning our keywords and meta pages, page titles and urls to include keywords and phrases that your prospective client would like. But what about those evil clients you don’t want? We all know that type. The dreaded indecisive client who: changes theirContinue reading “How to Un-Optimise your website for bad clients”