Klout and Perks – For Europe?

Hearing of today’s buzz around social metrics and measure of influences at #iStrategy, I wonder if we will have some global perks appearing soon on Klout.

Klout and Peerindex being the leading players in measuring online influence – their algorythims calculating how influencial your sharing and engagement on Twitter/ Facebook and a number of other socail media networks is.

This WSJ video (with snippets from Joe Fernandez, Klout’s CEO) details some of the recent perks they’ve been offering high scorers and opportunities for businesses to engage with those that are more likely to create a buzz around their products.

With Klout scores getting granular you can see who’s influential about a specific topic now –  their value proposition is rising.



  • When are we going to hear from Klout at #iStrategy?
  • And when are we going to get some good European perks?

More Klout insights over on the iStrategy blog .

I would love to hear your views!

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