Three core tactics in my Twitter Strategy

While I loath to call it a strategy, I have decided to take a strategic methodical approach to my use of Twitter. I’ve decided to: Network, share and support a core group of influential people in my Dunbar 150 list – daily Participate in weekly #sshour social selling chats and one other #hashtag chat fromContinue reading “Three core tactics in my Twitter Strategy”

How can my business keep up with new social media channels?

For many the growth of new social networks, online channels and apps can be hard to keep up with. Worse still is figuring out how to make the most of them in your communications and marketing. There is a neat clip from an obscure film The 13th Warrior that sums up the best approach toContinue reading “How can my business keep up with new social media channels?”

Perspective and Timing

This is actually a jellyfish that floats upside down. It is not the wrong way up. Or from downunder. We only consider this jellyfish to be wrong as we’re conditioned to see them floating bell up, tentacles down. But it could be onto something, maybe it catches falling food better that way? Over the next week IContinue reading “Perspective and Timing”

Giving away valuable information online

I’ve just been listening to Brian Clark’s talk on affiliate marketing and loved the elevator pitch he mentioned for @copyblogger. “Build an audience and sell them stuff”. Succinct and definitive. This seems to be the root of all we do as content marketers. Yet as we see content marketing trending as a topic in GoogleContinue reading “Giving away valuable information online”

Digital Strategy Tip – Ask your clients what they want

Often in B2B digital marketing, we get sucked into the “me too” battle. Our competitors are doing it, so we try to do the same, if not a little better. With a glance the CMO sees that the competitor is “doing social” has twice as many followers or likes and reacts by throwing you aContinue reading “Digital Strategy Tip – Ask your clients what they want”

Does your brand have a clear crisis management plan?

Each day I hear more and more statistics around the majority of FTSE 100 or Fortune 500 companies getting into social media. The reluctance to allow clients to communicate with brands is being overpowered as it becomes mainstream. Brands that are not on Facebook or Twitter are: At least, feeling the peer pressure. At most,Continue reading “Does your brand have a clear crisis management plan?”