Local Business Social Media and Online Marketing – To Generate Leads

Local businesses and salespeople need to really focus more on their online marketing. With the growth in mobile devices there is so much opportunity to have your business found through search engines or shared through social media from anywhere. Even if you’re just a local Auckland business marketing to your suburb, you can also be discovered from anywhere. YouContinue reading “Local Business Social Media and Online Marketing – To Generate Leads”

Three core tactics in my Twitter Strategy

While I loath to call it a strategy, I have decided to take a strategic methodical approach to my use of Twitter. I’ve decided to: Network, share and support a core group of influential people in my Dunbar 150 list – daily Participate in weekly #sshour social selling chats and one other #hashtag chat fromContinue reading “Three core tactics in my Twitter Strategy”

Ozone Coffee Roasters – Content Marketing Case Study

Working in a large corporate I often feel jealous of SMBs and their ability to adapt and just run with new ideas. Keep it simple and focus their products and services on delighting their clients. ozonecoffee.com is a fine example of a small company who get online marketing and what it can bring to theirContinue reading “Ozone Coffee Roasters – Content Marketing Case Study”

iStrategy post: The Hows & Whys of Using Twitter At Your Live Event

With Twitter users now over 100 Million, exploring its potential to add to engagement at live events is ever more an option for mainstream businesses. Even B2B organisations need to be taking a look. After all — the true reality we face is that of P2P — People to People. Being able to answer thatContinue reading “iStrategy post: The Hows & Whys of Using Twitter At Your Live Event”