Local Business Social Media and Online Marketing – To Generate Leads

Local businesses and salespeople need to really focus more on their online marketing. With the growth in mobile devices there is so much opportunity to have your business found through search engines or shared through social media from anywhere. Even if you’re just a local Auckland business marketing to your suburb, you can also be discovered from anywhere. YouContinue reading “Local Business Social Media and Online Marketing – To Generate Leads”

Using the POST Method to define online initiatives

The POST Method – is a method for defining strategy that’s been around for the web equivalent of a lifetime. Back in 2007 the good folks at Forrester coined the POST methodology. I’ve found it to be a fantastic tool for making strategic and tactical decisions around projects online.If you haven’t guessed it’s not aContinue reading “Using the POST Method to define online initiatives”

Three core tactics in my Twitter Strategy

While I loath to call it a strategy, I have decided to take a strategic methodical approach to my use of Twitter. I’ve decided to: Network, share and support a core group of influential people in my Dunbar 150 list – daily Participate in weekly #sshour social selling chats and one other #hashtag chat fromContinue reading “Three core tactics in my Twitter Strategy”

How I work

Learning the best techniques, tools and apps to do your job is a personal journey we’re all taking.  I thought I’d cover the tools I use in content creation and hope you might find some useful. And, having subscribed to shotkit.com for photography inspiration – here’s a shot of my kit. Location: Auckland, New Zealand Current computers: HPContinue reading “How I work”

How To Create Animated GIFs From Video

Well it was my first BBQ of the year earlier this week so I thought I’d take a quick clip and convert it to an animated GIF. If you’d like to do the same here’s the five steps I went through. Record the video using a tripod or leaning against something solid. I used my Samsung GSII propped upContinue reading “How To Create Animated GIFs From Video”