Perspective and Timing


This is actually a jellyfish that floats upside down. It is not the wrong way up. Or from downunder.

MedusaWe only consider this jellyfish to be wrong as we’re conditioned to see them floating bell up, tentacles down. But it could be onto something, maybe it catches falling food better that way?

Over the next week I have decided to switch perspective wherever possible and switch polarity if I can.

We are always conscious of our visual identity and branding in organisations, yet I think switching up the palette can be enough of a surprise to entice readers to read our email shots. Save it for special occasions  – but what about inverting the logo colours and body colours.

Put out a black paper for a change. People rarely print them right? It could even provide no answers at all to an issue, just pose questions for a change.

Timing needs a switch up too!

Hence a Saturday blog post instead of Monday or Tuesday. Why not. The boys are eating dinner and relaxing, I’ve got the time, let’s see what engagement it gets.

The other week we sent a timed email shot set for the wrong 9 am. Instead of going out prime time it hit senior HR directors Blackberrys at 9 pm. Statistics tell us never send after five, and never on a Friday if you’re after good open rates.

Yet just to prove the rule, this one had great open rates as they were all second screening, checking their Blackberrys after dinner during the blizzard. Click thru rates were amazing.

We’re now recommending either a follow up or the initial invitations to events go out at this time too.

Having said that a consistent stream of content is today’s marketing reality as @dmscott rightly points out. Constant engagement.

I would love to hear your views!

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