But Why Can’t My Website Be A Brochure?

Or, how your website should be “The Amazing Hub of Your B2B Digital Marketing! In the current age of online marketing, it is vital that any B2B company has a compelling web presence, highlighting with ease, the depth and breadth of their expertise. Any competitive firm, with a little “marketing” effort can produce sales talkContinue reading “But Why Can’t My Website Be A Brochure?”

Quest for Seamless Collaboration – Enterprise 2.0

Struck by an Oatmeal Cartoon this week on what not to do with emails, http://theoatmeal.com/comics/email I thought I’d post my dream work based collaboration scenario.  Being in online marketing, I’ll focus this around simple content creation and posting to the web. Now that I’ve written it, this seems like a simple task. And perhaps the rest of this postContinue reading “Quest for Seamless Collaboration – Enterprise 2.0”

B2B Events – Leveraging Web2.0 & Social Media

I was thinking about how best to leverage events in the current web 2.0 world. Gone are the days of cold mass emails, faxes or letters to hundreds of potential attendees to fill a small room. Working in a B2B I thought I’d lay out my ideal event – lapping up all the web hasContinue reading “B2B Events – Leveraging Web2.0 & Social Media”

LinkedIn Groups vs. In House Forums

OR, “Why I’m bullish on LinkedIn” via – jerryluk LinkedIn, well beyond an online cv storer, is the leading business networking website globally. No news there, and it’s peripheral services for building both a personal brand and to amplify your company brand are impressive. Keeping up with their latest releases and to leverage them isContinue reading “LinkedIn Groups vs. In House Forums”

Twitter 101 – Using Twitter to Support Your Brand

With so many sources on how to get started in Twitter with intermediate level tips on how to brand, coodinate and even automate your presence, it feels wrong to try and rewrite the common best practices. So: My favourite, and most definitive guidebook to Twitter is the collection on Mashable. (http://mashable.com/guidebook/twitter/) Having been shared overContinue reading “Twitter 101 – Using Twitter to Support Your Brand”

Social Media – Supporting your B2B brand

As “social media” shapes the internet over the coming years, businesses and employees alike cannot ignore the amplification that it will provide to traditional word of mouth, marketing and sales. As a hub, corporate social media accounts in sites like Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube and LinkedIn will do their best to promote the latest thoughts, productsContinue reading “Social Media – Supporting your B2B brand”

No more B2B or B2C – Its B2P Business to People

With Social Media transforming the web more and more each day, the traditional Marketing techniques of shotgun advertising and shouting out hoping your clients will hear, are falling to the wayside. Gone are the days of faceless marketing where a “brand” hidden behind its logo could pump out thoughts or advertising and the masses wouldContinue reading “No more B2B or B2C – Its B2P Business to People”

Notes: Alterian Alchemy and CM7 Launch event

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the UK launch of Alterian Alchemy™ and Alterian Content Manager 7. David Eldrige, CEO and founder opened the event with some great notes on the catch phrase shift to #engagement from open and close campaigns. Although the terminology and systems we use will still focus on campaigns, marketersContinue reading “Notes: Alterian Alchemy and CM7 Launch event”

The Future Of Customer Engagement – Ashley Friedlein from eConsultancy

Here’s my rough notes from his presentation at the Alterian Alchemy launch yesterday. I’m hoping his slide deck is out soon! (hint) Ashley broke out with what I thought was a gamification slide first which got me interested. Well I though he did, but just wanted to say the old game is over, here’s versionContinue reading “The Future Of Customer Engagement – Ashley Friedlein from eConsultancy”