Better in Beta – Agile Marketing and Products

As I chew though our FY2012 marketing process, I couldn’t help but think of a more Agile approach. Why limit this iterative fast moving approach to just software development? Switching gears and channels at market speed. I struggle to see how the market will be the same in a years time for any business theseContinue reading “Better in Beta – Agile Marketing and Products”

Apps vs. Mobile Websites

Like many I struggle with getting to grips with the distinctions of iPad and iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps. Let alone deciding which fits the people, objectives and strategy I have for our digital presence. Tablets are booming, but still not yet mainstream. Many juggle their corporate issue blackberry and iPhone for a cross mixtureContinue reading “Apps vs. Mobile Websites”

Structuring Your Company for New Media Success

After co-creating live with @briansolis last week I’ve been thinking through organisational structure – with a specific focus on the marketing arm of course. With an SME, managing CRM, Digital Marketing, Customer Service,The Brand and budgets is relatively easy as you’ve got all those specialist, usually within arms reach. Spread that across an organisation inContinue reading “Structuring Your Company for New Media Success”

Dellb2b huddle with Brian Solis – My notes

Quick thoughts from today’s DellB2B FIR Google huddle. To really leverage Social Media- It starts with a company that is behind your efforts! As a whole, top down, from the Csuite. So to get buy in, budget etc. Stop talking about social media, talk about who you’re trying to reach. By not saying anything inContinue reading “Dellb2b huddle with Brian Solis – My notes”

Digital Cream Notes: Real Time Marketing, ROI and Internal Support

I’ve had the pleasure today of attending the @econsultancy Digital Cream event. A roundtable huddle for the heads and directors of online, web and digital marketing. After attending sessions on Content Strategy, Mobile APPs and Measuring ROI on Social Media  it was great to see some common themes, pain points and best practices coming through.Continue reading “Digital Cream Notes: Real Time Marketing, ROI and Internal Support”

Filter out the noise on Twitter

Think back to the first time Infomercials came out on TV, I’m sure they were really successful to start and grabbed our interest. The wise cottoned on quick and switched the channel. The same will happen with Twitter. Sadly there’s still weight in the phrase “but wait there’s more” – and I also lament thatContinue reading “Filter out the noise on Twitter”

Tip: Social Media RSS feeds

Here’s a list of Social Media RSS feeds. Good for backing data up, displaying on your blog, and also if you want one window or dashboard to see everything happening in one place. For those unfamiliar with RRS or readers, read this and set yourself up with Google Reader. Note: substitute “nickwallen” for your userContinue reading “Tip: Social Media RSS feeds”

Reporting ROI in web marketing

A little back, I wrote about focusing on your website as a hub. Rightly so @iconic88 pointed out that it ain’t just about a good website and content hub. There’s plenty of other spaces and places that clients interact with you online. We understand that social media, transparency and engaging with clients in their spaceContinue reading “Reporting ROI in web marketing”