eCommerce, advertising and messaging to the phase your buyer is in

When it comes to shopping and buying – be it online or offline – there’s are distinct modes or phases in which we operate. Researching – what do I want? Searching – where can I get it? Purchasing – how do I get it now? Much like taking the wrong bus or missing the express,Continue reading “eCommerce, advertising and messaging to the phase your buyer is in”

Three pillars to a great online presence

Yesterday I visited New Zealand’s first 6 Green Star Office – Geyser, in Auckland. View this post on Instagram Visited Patterson Architects' Geyser user green building. Nice courtyard! A post shared by Nick Allen (@nickwallen) on Jun 10, 2014 at 9:03pm PDT Geyser is created as 6 separate parts with courtyards to let natural lightContinue reading “Three pillars to a great online presence”

eCommerce and Classifieds Sites – Tips for Content Marketing

Content Marketing has really taken off over the last few years. Two prime examples being Redbull – powering video and media content into “extreme channels” around the world for B2C American Express Open Forum – a platform for business clients to discuss SME issues. But what has caught my interest this week isContinue reading “eCommerce and Classifieds Sites – Tips for Content Marketing”