4 tools to help you master B2B social media sales

Earlier this year LinkedIn celebrated reaching 1 million users in New Zealand – or around a quarter of the population. Their growth globally is also impressive at over 277 million members and 2 new members a second. It is no wonder LinkedIn profiles are fast becoming the preferred source of truth – from tradespeople, right throughContinue reading “4 tools to help you master B2B social media sales”

Mark Schaefer and CONTENT SHOCK courtesy of Social@Ogilvy

Well this morning I had the pleasure of hearing Mark Schaefer talk about the future of digital and social media in his eyes.  Having dragged him away from his holiday of hot pools in Rotorua and Waiheke Island they managed to get him around the royal entourage in Wellington. Mark presented over a live feed fromContinue reading “Mark Schaefer and CONTENT SHOCK courtesy of Social@Ogilvy”

How can my business keep up with new social media channels?

For many the growth of new social networks, online channels and apps can be hard to keep up with. Worse still is figuring out how to make the most of them in your communications and marketing. There is a neat clip from an obscure film The 13th Warrior that sums up the best approach toContinue reading “How can my business keep up with new social media channels?”

Does your company need a CEO?

Well by that I mean – Chief Editorial Officer! With so many messages to convey to so many audiences and with such varied media to communicate with, does a brand or company need a senior leader to keep the overall message resonating? Having a big shepherd muster your content and corral it into the rightContinue reading “Does your company need a CEO?”

Will 2014 be the Mobile Only Year?

Well as 2014 edges it’s way closer I thought it would be interesting to throw this question out and see what everyone thinks. I believe there will be a new wave of businesses that won’t bother with a desktop focused website but start from scratch thinking mobile only. Are we going to see a newContinue reading “Will 2014 be the Mobile Only Year?”

The art of simplicity and great customer service – Ken’s Yakitori

Now I’m trying to give this a digital or social media twist, but to be honest, this post is about a great evening and meal at one of Auckland’s best hidden secrets – Ken’s Yakitori on Anzac Ave. With my broken high school Japanese and the help of Google translate – it turns out KenContinue reading “The art of simplicity and great customer service – Ken’s Yakitori”

How brands survive in a photo rich online world

View this post on Instagram #Latergram . Throwback to Wednesday's sunset. A post shared by Nick Allen (@nickwallen) on Feb 6, 2014 at 8:54pm PST With the latest Twitter update your stream on desktop and mobile features landscape shaped thumbnail previews of photos. This coupled with Twitter cards for blog posts, videos and many moreContinue reading “How brands survive in a photo rich online world”

Now I understand Google glass – #SMCAKL – Through the looking glass

Well, call me a cynic but I wasn’t convinced having tech strapped onto my glasses would be worth the ergonomic nightmare and invasion of layers interfering with my reality. Tonight’s social media club Auckland on augmented reality featured some great insights on the possibilities of social media listening tools from Oracle (don’t mention the AmericasContinue reading “Now I understand Google glass – #SMCAKL – Through the looking glass”

Tuning in to brand channels on social media

New media marketers are adamant that their platforms and channels should be treated differently to traditional media. For decades we as marketers have been placing ads, commercials and the likes into existing channels. Channels that a certain target market are interested in and follow religiously. View this post on Instagram Radio A post shared byContinue reading “Tuning in to brand channels on social media”

Scaling and measuring social media success

KAIZEN Reporting on incremental improvements to your marketing and focusing on Kaizen, or continuous improvement, should be top of mind for marketers. View this post on Instagram Kaizen. Ganbatte! A post shared by Nick Allen (@nickwallen) on Aug 1, 2013 at 4:34pm PDT Recently I discussed measuring the right thing and establishing KPIs for yourContinue reading “Scaling and measuring social media success”